World University Services (W.U.S.) Health Centre was commissioned in March 1955 by World University Service, a Geneva based international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It has been a satisfying experience to serve its beneficiaries for the past 61 years and our mission has been to provide personalized/individualized services to the members of health centre & staff. Subsequently, three more Health Centres in East, West and South Campus were commissioned with assistance from University Grant Commission(UGC).

W.U.S. Health Centres have on its roll 20 doctors (including 5 part time medical officers),6 Nurses (including 3 contract nurses), 41 Permanent and 15 Paramedical Employees (on contract). W.U.S. Health Centres (North and South campus) have fully equipped physiotherapy unit to cater to the beneficiaries.

W.U.S. Health Centre is a Contributory Health Service Scheme. It has four operational units in North, South, East and West. They cater to health related needs of the employees of University of Delhi and constituent Colleges, their family members and students.

W.U.S. Health Centre (North Campus) is the nodal point and has a team of 12 dedicated Doctors (including 4 medical consultants on contract, one Medical Officer on contract and three Part-time Medical Officers), 13 Visiting Part-time Specialists, 1 Senior Technical Assistant (X-Ray), 7 Permanent Pharmacists, 1 Technical Assistant (Pathology Laboratory), 26 Permanent Employees, 13 Employees on Contract.

Major Investigative Facilities (Complete Blood Count, Widal Test for Enteric Fever, Platelet Count, Typhidot for IgM and IgG antibodies, Peripheral Blood Smear for Malaria, Dengue NS1 Antigen, Fasting and Postprandial Blood Sugar, Liver Function Tests with enzymes, Kidney Function Tests, Thyroid Function Tests, C- Reactive Protein, Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor, HbA1c, Pregnancy Test, Urine Routine Examination, Stool Routine Examination, HBsAg, VDRL, Eosinophil Count,Semen Test, Occult Blood in stool) are available in W.U.S. Health Centre (North Campus).

W.U.S. Health Centre (South Campus) has 04 doctors (including 01 Medical Consultant on contract and 02 part-time medical officers), 02 visiting Part-Time Specialists and limited investigative facilities (Complete Blood Count, Blood Group, Peripheral Blood Smear, Urine, Stool Tests, Blood Sugar, LFT, KFT, Lipid Profile, RA Factor, Widal, C- Reactive Protein) are available in W.U.S. Health Centre (South Campus).

W.U.S. Health Centre (East and West Delhi) are each managed by single doctor.

This Information Booklet contains collated information about various aspects of the Health Centres viz its organization, administration, operational facilities, rules and regulations in a summarized form. This booklet will serve as a guide book for all Health Centre beneficiaries, doctors and the administrative staff of the University and its constituent colleges.

The membership of health centres for Teachers/Employees is obtained by submitting duly filled membership proforma for which assistance is sought from the concerned institutions to remit monthly the required subscription of the members regularly along with the requisite information i.e. (i) Name, Token Card No. (ii) Grade pay, (iii) Health Centre Contribution (HCC) deducted from salary.

Subscription of students is collected on Annual basis (August to July) at the time of admission and it must be remitted by 31st March of the year. The remittance cheque is to be prepared in favour of the Registrar, University of Delhi for delivery of the same in the Health Centre.

The members of the W.U.S. Health Centre (South Campus) have to remit the cheque in favour of the Director, University of Delhi South Campus.



Interim Committee on Healthcare (ICH):

The W.U.S. Health Centres of University of Delhi has an Interim Committee on Healthcare (ICH) appointed by the Executive Council. The Committee formed on 29.09.2016 and further amended is as follows :

  1. Prof. Raj Kumar, VPCI - Chairman
  2. Dr. Mahesh Verma, Padamshree, Director Principal, MAIDS - Member
  3. Prof. V.K. Chaudhary, Department of Bio- Chemistry, UDSC - Member
  4. Prof. Enakshi Sharma, Department of Electronic Science, UDSC - Member
  5. Prof. Akshay K. Pradhan, Department of Genetics, UDSC - Member
  6. Prof. T.R. Sheshadri, Department of Physics - Member
  7. Prof. K. Natrajan, ACBR - Member
  8. Prof. (Dr.) Sudha Prasad, Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences - Member
  9. Prof (Dr.) Ashwani Kumar, UCMS - Member
  10. Prof. Vandana Roy, Dept. of Pharmacology, MAMC - Member
  11. Dr. Ish Anand, Department of Neurology Sir Ganga Ram Hospital - Member
  12. Dr. Gautam Patra, JNU - Special Invitee
  13. Dr. Shriram Oberoi, Retd. Ass. Professor, Delhi University - Special Invitee
  14. J.R. (Establishment - N/T) - Member
  15. A.R (Finance - Health Matters) - Member
  16. Dr. (Prof.) Rajeev Sood, Dr. R.M.L. Hospital - Member
  17. Dr. Saumitra Rawat, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital - Member
  18. Dr. Vijay Kumar Khaira,Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt Memorial Trust - Member
  19. Dr. Yamini Gupt, Dept. of Business Economics, UDSC - Member
  20. Fr. George P.A., Director, Holy Family Hospital - Member
  21. DUTA President - Member
  22. DUCKU President - Member
  23. DUSU President - Member
  24. Dr. Rajesh Jha (E.C. Nominee) - Member
  25. Dr. Sunil Thakur, CMO - Member Secretary

ICH formulates various rules and regulations for the W.U.S. Health Centres on behalf of the Executive Council. It provides basic functional guidelines and develops long-term policies for operationalisation of the Health Centres.

Procurement of Drugs and Medicines in the W.U.S. Health Centres:

All purchases for the Health Centres are made through duly constituted purchase committees proposed by ICH Committee and approved by the Pro-Vice Chancellor on yearly basis.

Being head of the administration, the Chief Medical Officer is responsible for the smooth functioning of all the Health Centres. However, Health Centres in the South, West and East are locally administered by respective Medical Officers-in-Charges.

Besides GMSD, medicines are also purchased from the authorized vendors of approved Rate Contract List.