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WUS Health Centre (North Campus) is the nodal point which presently, has a well cohesive team of ten Medical Officers and ten Visiting Specialists. The Specialists provide consultation services for two hours in the fields of Neurology (once a week), Cardiology (thrice a week), Psychiatry (once a week), Orthopaedics (five days a week), Gynaecology (in routine shift duties), Pediatrics (four days a week), Ophthalmology (three days a week), Dermatology (four days a week) and Dental (3 hours, six days a week). Two Physiotherapists, eight Pharmacists, Clinico-Pathology Laboratory Technician, five Nurses and three Dressers  provide Paramedical Services. The Centre is well equipped with a Basic Life Support Ambulance which is available  24 hrs. x 365 days.  

Investigations being carried out include : Complete Blood Count, Peripheral Blood Smear for Malarial Parasite, ESR, Widal Test to diagnose Enteric Fever, Platelet Count, Typhidot for IgG and IgM antibodies, Dengue NS1 Antigen, Chikungunya IgM, Liver Function Test, Lipid Profile, Blood Sugar – Fasting & Postprandial, Kidney Function Tests, Thyroid Function Tests, Serum Calcium, C-Reactive Protein, Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor, Pregnancy Test, Routine Stool and Urine Examination including Occult Blood in stool, HBsAg, VDRL etc. The Centre is well equipped with computed Radiography (CR) System as an attachment for 500mA Siemens X-Ray Machine.   

W.U.S. Health Centre (South Campus) has two Chief Medical Officers and five Specialists. The specialists provide specialized services for two hours in Cardiology (thrice a week), Orthopaedics (once a week),  Ophthalmology (twice a week), Pediatrics (9.00 am to 5.30 pm) and Dentistry (thrice a week). The Centre is well equipped with a Physiotherapy unit managed by one Physiotherapist and Pharmacy by two Pharmacists.   

W.U.S. Health Centres in East and West Delhi are managed by Chief Medical Officers Incharges.


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