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  1. Medical fitness certificate in case of fresh or reemployment is provided by the WUS Health Centre. The form can be downloaded from website of W.U.S. Health Centre

In case of new appointments to the University/Colleges, Medical Examination shall be done from  Monday to Friday from 09:30 am to 01:00 pm and the candidates are required to submit the following documents :

  1. Letter of appointment
  2. Two passport size photographs

 Following Clinico-Pathological Laboratory Tests from the University of Delhi empanelled Hospital (s):

  1. Complete Blood Count
  2. Blood Sugar-Fasting/P.P./HbA1c
  3. LFT
  4. KFT
  5. Lipid Profile
  6. HBsAg
  7. Anti - HCV
  8. Urine – Routine Examination/ME
  9. Chest X-Ray PA View
  10. Recent E.C.G.
  11. Ultrasonography Whole Abdomen
  12. Vision Report RE/LE
  13. Fundoscopy Report

 Medical Fitness Certificate will be sent to the respective Department/College by registered post.

  1. Any handicapped/injured student intending to avail the facility of writer or extension of time during examination should apply to the Head of the Department/Principal of the respective College one month in advance. The application is routed through the Examination Branch of the North or South Campus to the Chief Medical Officer, W.U.S. Health Centre, Chhatra Marg, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007 for perusal.

The candidate will be examined by a Board of Officers comprising of Visiting Specialist of the concerned Specialty and Medical Officer on duty from Monday to Friday. If the Visiting Specialist is not available on any particular day, the candidate will be examined on the next working day of the Visiting Specialist. To confirm the findings Radiological Test (s) of the candidate will be carried out at   W.U.S. Health Centre/nearest Diagnostic Centre.

Instructions for seeking the facility of writer/extra time by students of University of Delhi :

  1. Prescription of a Government Hospital.
  2. X-Ray of the relevant area on the date of injury (in case of fractures any injury).
  3. X-Ray of the relevant area after surgery (if surgery has been carried out).
  4. Latest X-Ray of the relevant area on the date of examination, if available.
  5. Discharge slip issued by the Government Hospital preferably from Head of the Department of the Government Hospital.
  6. Declaration by the candidate whether s/he is left handed writer or not.
  7. Two passport size photographs.
  8. Candidate must report to this office along with all relevant test (s) at least 24 hours before the date of examination.

The decision of the Board of Officers shall be final and binding upon the candidate.

  1. Medical Examination Certificate will be issued for Hostel Accommodation/Swimming/NCC Camp after the following Investigation/Vaccination:

Hostel Accommodation                                  : Chest X-Ray

Swimming/Delhi University Sports Council :  Chest X-Ray, ECG

NCC Camp                                                       : Proper Vaccination against Tetanus, Typhoid and COVID, Hepatitis -B Vaccination .