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  1. Non-Members of the University/College will be provided only free consultation at the Health Centre as and when required. OPD treatment will be given only to those Non-resident Students who have paid membership fee of the Health Centre online on per session basis. No Medical Reimbursement will be allowed to the non-member/students.
  1. All permanent employees of the Institute of Economic Growth, Centre for Professional Development of Higher Education and Agro Economic Centre will be allowed to continue their membership of the U.S. Health Centre and avail in-house investigation (s) and treatment facilities available at the Health Centre. However, all hospitalization related expenses and any other investigation charges will be paid to these employees directly by their respective employers or the funding agencies only.
  1. Teachers employed on ad hoc basis and personnel appointed in time bound Research Projects will be allowed only OPD consultation and treatment for self, on showing valid identity cards clearly showing the period for which s/he is engaged in work/research work with the University and no reimbursement facility will be allowed to them. Rate for monthly subscription of these members will be in accordance with the rate slabs applicable for drawing other benefits.
  1. Visiting Faculty can avail OPD facility and in house investigation facility of W.U.S. Health Centre. Indoor treatment bills will be paid by the parent Department. 
  1. All regular University and affiliated College employees who are enrolled as members can seek the consultation and treatment facility at the Health Centre with reimbursement facility of those medicines and Clinico-pathological and Radiological tests which have been prescribed by W.U.S. Health Centre Medical Officers and facility not available at Health Centre. However, hospitalization charges of University/College employees will be reimbursed by the University/College as the case may be.

Membership Fees for Students :

Non Resident Students (Day Scholars)

  • 120/- payable on annual basis.

Resident Students (Hostellers)

  • 240/- payable on annual basis.

Ph.D./M.Phil students

  • 240/- per academic session.
  • Junior Research Fellows, Senior Research Fellows, Research Associates:
  • As per salary slabs applicable to regular employees