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Eligibility For Enrolment & Membership Rules

  1. All permanent employees of University of Delhi and its Constituent Colleges and wholly dependent members of their family (as recorded in the Service Book maintained by Establishment Branch of the concerned Institution) are entitled for all approved facilities of WUS Health Centres.
  2. All ad hoc teaching employees are issued treatment card for the specific period on advance payment of WUS Health Centre Contribution (HCC) and entitled only for existing in-house facilities of the Health Centres for self and are not entitled for medical reimbursement of incurred expenses.
  3. Full time bonafide students of the University/Colleges are entitled to become temporary members on yearly basis.
  4. Each eligible member is issued a Health Booklet or Card bearing a recent passport size photograph, on the inner side of the Health Booklet or on the front portion of the Treatment Card.
  5. In case a bonafide member does not bring the Health Booklet / Treatment Card s/he can seek consultation from the Medical Officer / Specialist but medicine(s) will be issued for one day only.
  6. Members holding Treatment Card number beginning with ‘D’ (Day Scholars/Non-resident students), ‘R’ (Resident student) and ‘T’ (Temporary members) membership are eligible only for the facilities available in the WUS Health Centre and are not allowed medical reimbursement of any incurred expenses on the purchase of medicines from the market.
  7. Clinico-Pathological laboratory tests, Radiological tests available in the Health Centre are not allowed to be done from the open market. Medical claim bill(s) will not be entertained for reimbursement after 6 months of the date of Laboratory Test (s) / Purchase of Medicines unless the delay has been condoned by the Competent Authority.
  8. WUS Health Centre beneficiaries are not allowed to purchase those medicines from the market which are available either in the Medical Store or Pharmacy of Health Centre.
  9. Medicine(s) for minor ailments may be issued for 3 to 5 days.
  10. For chronic ailments and long term on-going treatment, medicines may be issued for one month.  Those who are going abroad or come from far-flung areas medicines may be issued up to two months.